Mission Statement

Like a phoenix from the ashes...

Those who have so little in this world are, so often, ready to soar.

All they need is a chance, an outlet.

Music can heal...

Music can heal and bring us hope in times of need. It can also help us to vent our happiness and frustrations. And, most importantly, it can help to develop us in many ways.

In the poorest areas, musical talent can also mean a job or money where there was none.

Project Simple Shelter...

Project Simple Shelter focuses on making musical instruments and lessons available to those who would welcome them with the most need, wonder, and passion.

The children of developing countries.


In the city of Mazatlán, Mexico...

There are neighborhoods (or 'colonias') that are incredibly poor and undeveloped.
There are squatters and families living in home-made shacks.
Project Simple Shelter was able to visit a home-made chapel where a young man named Paul was giving free guitar lessons.
He would bring in one guitar and try to teach as many students as possible while they passed around the guitar.

With the help of a local family...

We were able to present Paul and the local community with 8 guitars for their lessons.
We also made an offer that if any student sticks to their lessons and finds a passion for the guitar...
They could eventually have their own guitar to take home.

There is a home for special needs orphans...

Project Simple Shelter was able to visit with these boys with help from The Vineyard.
The Vineyard is a local non-profit organization that works all over Mazatlán.
There was a young man there named Miguel.
Miguel had just started drum lessons at school and found he needed a new drum and practice equipment.
The joy on his face when he played his new drum says it all.


Coming Soon

Information will be coming shortly.


Coming Soon

Information will be coming shortly.

Fundraisers and Events

100% of all funds raised go directly to:

  • purchasing instruments
  • minimal donations to music teachers so they can keep volunteering
  • purchasing music lesson books in the local language
  • instrument maintenance/purchasing strings
  • Crescent Beach (Canada)

    Our first fundraiser concert in Crescent Beach (Canada) was a great success!

    Thank you to the many volunteers that made it a magical evening!

    Message from the Founder

    Hi, my name is Joshua Bradford.

    I am a professional singer and entertainer from Vancouver, Canada. For my entire life, I have lived selfishly. I have dedicated all of my time and energy to pursuing my career in the music and film industries. After reaching some success and travelling the world, I found there was an emptiness that I felt. I was still searching, something was missing.
    It wasn't until I took some time off and trekked through The Himalayas in Nepal that my eyes opened. I saw such poverty. Families living in shacks. Children playing with blocks of wood instead of toys. I also saw a powerful love of music. Any music.
    If someone had a guitar and would play, it seemed the whole village would come out and sing along. This felt holy ... and so far from the industry I was used to. There was a life changing moment for me in Nepal.
    After receiving so much, I gave a small, inexpensive gift to one of the kind Nepalese Sherpas. The overwhelming joy and gratitude he expressed was so powerful and genuine that it immediately injected joy into my heart, joy that my own career had not provided for years.
    I had a deep realization that bringing joy to others was the best way to facilitate joy for myself. It seemed that in order to fuel my own passion for music, I would first need to attempt to do the same for others.
    Am I still a selfish man?
    You bet your sweet bippy I am... Even more so now.
    But now, maybe some amazing kids can get some music out of it!